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How To Choose The Best Commercial Embroidery Machine?

best commercial embroidery machine

Investing in a commercial embroidery machine can boost your business. Machines that are meant for home use tend to do just a handful of the tasks their commercial counterparts are capable of. This can leave you struggling to work with thicker or harder materials and completing projects in time almost impossible.

With a commercial embroidery machine, you can do even hundreds of projects in a relatively short time. These machines are excellent for people looking to open embroidery shops in their local area or wall to sell embroidered merchandise online.

As great as these machines can be, however, there are some factors to consider if you want one that will match your needs. We have created a list of things to look at when choosing the best commercial embroidery machine.

The Brand

Purchasing from a reputable and trusted brand can help avoid nasty surprises in the future. Major manufacturers usually offer a warranty that lasts several years from your date of purchase. If something goes wrong with the product, you can ask for a repair, replacement, or even a refund.

The Hoop Size

Hoops allow you to narrow down your field of vision and focus on one section at a time. When shopping for a commercial embroidery machine, it is vital to check the hoop size that you can utilize with the device.

Sewing Size

This simply refers to the sewing space available when utilizing these machines. A standard sewing size can be as small as 4 by 4 inches, but the commercial ones have up to 12 inches. The bigger the amount, the more space you have for working.

Types of Material

It is ideally worth looking at the material types that you can use with the machine. Embroidery machines made for home use only work with lightweight materials such as cotton. The commercial kind, on the contrary, can work with thicker ones such as wool.

Internet Connection

It’s usually smart to check if the machine comes with internet connectivity. A Wi-Fi connection can make your life easier as it allows you to download projects or patterns straight to the machine. Some manufacturers even have designs readily available on their sites that you can access via the machine.

USB Port or Built-in Patterns

Even if you don’t need the internet feature, you are still going to need a machine that features a USB port. This is essential for downloading your projects to a USB drive and inserting it into the machine. If you are looking to save some money, you can go for machines that only have built-in patterns. This can be quite limiting, and so, ensure that if you take this route, the patterns are actually something that you would like to use.

Thread Installation

Purchasing an embroidery machine that allows you to utilize different thread colors is essential. The basic ones only allow you to work with one color at a time, which isn’t ideal for commercial purposes. Commercial embroidery machines might be harder to use, but they allow you to utilize multiple colors or threads at the same time.