Reasons To Choose A Digital Piano With Weighted Keys

Buying a digital piano with weighted keys has a positive influence on learning the piano. In the past, people had to spend a great deal in order to buy a full-scale piano, which also meant having to have the space to store one.

Being able to purchase a smaller version of a piano that is easy to store and very inexpensive gives people the opportunity to find out whether or not it is something that they will continue to enjoy doing. However, when making this purchase there are some other factors that you should consider.

weighted keys

A digital piano, or otherwise commonly known as a keyboard, can have either a fraction of the keys that a piano has, or in the more expensive models, has a full set of keys. Even given these options, most of them are still very unlike a standard piano.

The main way that they are dissimilar in that the keys on a digital piano are typically much lighter. They often are made from a sturdy plastic, where the keys on a traditional piano are actually quite heavy in comparison. This difference alone can make the transition from a keyboard to a standard piano very difficult.

Not only does the weight of the keys differ, but the dexterity needed in order to transition from certain keys to others will differ as well. This imparts due to the weight difference, but the size of the keys themselves also matter. If you are purchasing a keyboard with the intent of eventually moving forward as a pianist them purchasing a digital piano with weighted keys is absolutely the best bet.

Of course, some people find the transition to one or the other more difficult than others. Most people, however, find that if they learned first on a standard piano that it is rather easy to move on to learning how to play a keyboard well.

The opposite is said by those that first learn on a keyboard. While it isn’t impossible to learn on a real piano after starting on a digital piano, the learning curve typically is much longer.

digital piano with weighted keys

If you are purchasing a digital piano due to it not being reasonable to make the larger purchase initially, then you definitely should make getting one with weighted keys a priority.

This is especially true if you or the person you are purchasing it for will be planning to use a real piano for recitals and other events.

The more like the real thing the purchase you make is, the easier it will be to take the skills learned and perform them on just about any type of keyed instrument.

You may find that those that have weighted keys are somewhat more expensive, the expense is well worth the benefits. The price difference without weighted keys is not that significant when compared to purchasing a piano, and the benefits are immense. You will be glad that you made this choice when you see the difference it makes.