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What Types Of Bar Stools Best Suit A Kitchen Island?

kitchen island bar stools

Buying kitchen chairs can be difficult. You have to make sure you pick the right model of chair, a model to perfectly suit the design of your kitchen, and to cater to all of your specific needs. If, for instance, you need a seating solution for your kitchen island, you’ll need to look into the main types of bar stools available on the market from https://hibarstools.com. This article takes a closer look into the main things you should consider when shopping around for the best bar stools for the kitchen island.

Consider the height

The heights of your kitchen island are the first thing to consider when shopping around for suitable bar stools. You have to ensure you’re going to sit comfortably. Most barstools have between 29″ and 32″ from floor to seat. If the height of your kitchen island is between 41″ and 43″, any of these bar stool models should do just fine. In order to be on the safe side, you may want to go for a set of bar stools with adjustable height. This is the easiest method to make sure that all of your family members and guests will be comfortable.

Consider the comfy

The ideal bar stools for the kitchen island should be comfortable. It could be a good idea to took into some chair models that swivel. However, if you prefer a rather straightforward and classic design, you’ll want to make sure that the bar stools of your choice have the right height and are comfortable. If you have children, consider looking into some safety features such as taller backrests and sturdy footrests.

mid back kitchen bar stools

Consider the style

If your kitchen boasts a contemporary design, try to buy some bar stools that match this style. Pick colors that complement the color of your countertops. In terms of materials, keep in mind that wood is one of the biggest trends of the moment. Nevertheless, if you decide for bar stools with wooden frames, you need to be able to cater to them the right way. This means that you need to know how to clean the wood without damaging it and how to protect it against normal wear and tear. Stainless steel is also a great choice, particularly if you prefer stools that are almost maintenance-free. Stainless steel is extremely durable and very easy to clean. However, if you have a rustic style kitchen, this type of bar stool may not be such a great match.

Consider the cooking habits

When choosing your bar stools to suit your kitchen island, assess your cooking habits. If you usually spill and drop foods around, you should probably go for nonporous seat models, as they are very easy to clean. Also, they are available in a wide range of colors, so you’ll surely find the right combination to nicely complement the other design elements in your kitchen. However, upholstered stools can also be a great choice, as they are very comfortable and inviting.

Whatever you choose, make sure you buy your bar stools from a reliable supplier. A good warranty is always something to look for.